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Maternity/Night Nurses

My reliable team of Maternity Nurses have been on board with us for many years. We only work with the most elite and experienced nurses that the UK has to offer.


With years of experience, our fully DBS checked nurses are highly recommended throughout the country. With no hidden agency fees attached we can provide you with that special one-to-one care in your home.

Mother with her Baby

What is a Maternity/Night Nurse?

"A Maternity Nurse specialises in working with newborn babies within a family environment."


The general role of the Maternity Nurse is to deliver care to the baby and help settle the baby into family life often helping to implement a routine. A Maternity Nurse is also on hand to assist new parents enabling them to confidently handle and maintain the care of their baby.

Live In

A live-in position is usually based on a 24 hour rota. During this time the Maternity Nurse will usually take care of all of the needs of the baby and also support the Mother particularly if she chooses to breastfeed. 


A nurse will usually take a 3–4-hour break during the day. Most nurses will do a 24/5 or 24/6. It’s important for the health and well-being of the nurse that she takes at least 1 day off a week. 

Night Nurse/Night Nanny

A Night Nurse/Night Nanny will start work during the evening and will finish usually before or after the first morning feed. Their role involves establishing a good sleeping pattern and encouraging the baby to sleep through the night, but only when the baby shows signs that they are capable of going through the night without a feed. In between feeds the nurse is expected to rest and therefore is provided a bed or sofa to sleep on.


A Night Nurse/Night Nanny should be provided with either a room to sleep in or will often prefer to share the room with the baby. As well as doing all the night feeds the Night Nurse/Night Nanny is expected to maintain feeding equipment, keep the baby clean throughout the night and often wash or dress the baby either in the morning or in the evening at the start of the shift (depending on the start time).


The nurse is also expected to keep a diary allowing the parents to see the progress their baby has made, this also helps to keep the parents informed during the handover period.


The benefits of a Maternity Nurse are for parents to have the reassurance that they are on the right pathway for a happy, contented baby as well as enabling them to have much needed rest as caring for a newborn baby can become tiring. The Maternity Nurse will also help you by showing you various techniques on how to deal with your baby and the beauty of this is that the methods used will be tailored to suit your child.

All Maternity Nurses have an enhanced and up to date DBS check and have a valid Paediatric First Aid certificate.

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