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Baby Sleep Consultancy

  • Baby not sleeping well?

  • Have no idea where to start?

  • No experience?

  • Baby will only go to sleep in your arms?

  • Exhausted and desperate? 

  • Parenting books giving conflicting advice ending in confusion?


At Baby To Bed our Baby Sleep Trainers will give you a tailor made system to help your baby sleep soundly and give you the rest you need. 


Everyone is happy – baby and parents!

Baby Sleep Consultants

A Baby Sleep Consultant is usually needed to help identify sleep problems in babies and young infants. Baby sleep patterns are very different to that of an adult and throughout a baby’s life the sleep cycles change as the baby gets older. Problems with sleeping are very common in babies with a reported one third of babies experiencing excessive disrupted sleep throughout the first year of their life.

One of the most common problems is settling a baby to sleep after a night feed as tiredness in parents often leads to in many cases an ‘easy way out’ i.e the adoption of ‘bad habits’. Surprisingly, events that take place during the daytime have a great impact on how a baby settles at night. From how much they feed to how long they nap all effects what happens throughout the night.

A Sleep Consultant often comes into your home for an initial consultation. They will usually arrive around early evening to enable them to observe the last feed and the bedtime routine. They will ask you lots of questions about your baby, your routine and your household in general. We also offer consultation remotely via phone or video


On booking a Sleep Consultant it would be beneficial to keep a diary for a few days prior to the visit, just to ensure that you have included any important factors you may otherwise have missed. The Sleep Consultant will usually have an idea of the core problem during the consultation however after spending one or two nights with your baby they will have a better idea of what problem your baby may be experiencing. They will then work closely with you to help rectify the problem.

A Sleep Consultant does not only work with extreme cases. In actual fact if you notice a change in your baby, or perhaps your baby has never shown any signs of sleeping well at all then a consultation would be beneficial to put your baby back on track for a good nights sleep.

Service Suspended Until Further Notice Due To Covid Restrictions


In-Home Consultation


With years of experience, the Sleep Trainers that we will refer to you manage to incorporate a variety of different strategies into their approach as professional Baby Sleep Consultants. During their session, they'll map your needs to come up with a personalised program that is both comfortable and effective.

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