Parenting Workshops

Our Parenting Workshops are an excellent alternative to the conventional pre natal classes. As professionals who work with new parents all the time we felt that there was a high demand for workshops that offered more practical and relevant training and advice. Many of the classes readily available tend to focus on pregnancy and labour and offer very little training on how to cope with your baby throughout the first precious months. We carried out extensive research and found that many parents felt inadequate and unable to cope. Many felt they were not confident in carrying out even the most simple of tasks. 90% of parents we spoke to said that the most positive thing to derive from their classes was being able to socialise with other expectant parents who were due around the same time as themselves, and indeed many of them still kept in regular contact with other members of their group.

Our Baby To Bed approach is to offer a service we feel will be more beneficial for our parents to be. Our workshops run over a six week period, each week focusing on different aspects in baby care. We will not only provide you with all the information you need but we also train you by getting you to participate in various practical tasks. We have a great team of experts on board who will talk you through what to expect during labour and birth, techniques for coping with pain and what things are available to you during those crucial hours of labour. We can help guide you to writing up a birthing plan but will also get you to think about the practicalities of having a plan considering that every birth is a totally different experience. Our Baby To Bed approach is centred on natural and holistic methods and our herbalists and nutritionists will talk you through some simple steps you can take to adopting some sensible eating habits during pregnancy and post pregnancy particularly if you are intending to breastfeed.

Topics Covered during the duration of the course are:

  • Pregnancy and Labour
  • Breastfeeding
  • Bottlefeeding
  • Handling your newborn
  • Sleeping
  • Routines
  • Common Problems
  • Going Back to Work

What They Say…

We completed the Baby To Bed parenting course a few months before we gave birth to our first baby. Baby To Bed just made perfect sense to us as they really gave us all the knowledge and skills we needed to get us through those first months.’

Sara, Muswell Hill.

‘Our friends who were expecting before us had recommended we try out the Baby To Bed parenting workshops, which were an absolute delight. We had a real insight into what to expect once our baby arrived rather than spending weeks on weeks talking about labour and pain relief, which was irrelevant to us in the end because we had a CSection and there was no labour!’

Polly, Richmond.