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Baby To Bed provide services that offer solutions to any of the many baby care needs you may have.

We supply fully CRB checked, paediatric first aid trained specialists, ranging from Sleep Trainers right through to Nannies and Nutritionalists.

Our team is led by Iman Abdullah. Along with 30 years of childcare experience, Iman has Diplomas in both Child Care & Education and Pre School Practice. With a vast experience in the care of multiples, she specialises in Sleep Training and Maternity Nursing.

We understand the importance of creating a stable and calm household in order to raise happy families, and look forward to sharing our knowledge and knowhow with you. – ensuring a ‘peaceful as possible’ parenthood.

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Our reliable team of Maternity Nurses have been on board with us for many years. We only work with the most elite and experienced nurses that the UK has to offer. With years on years of experience, our fully CRB checked nurses are highly recommended throughout the country. With no hidden agency fees attached we can provide you with that special one-to-one care directly to your door.

  • Single Baby, £15 per hour
  • Twins, £20 per hour


Our specialist Sleep Consultants are experts in identifying the root cause of your baby’s sleep problems. A daytime consultation followed by one or two overnight stays is generally all that is needed to get your baby sleeping safe and soundly.

  • Initial 3 hour consultation, £250
  • Follow Up, £25 per hour
  • Telephone consultation, £40 per 30 minutes.


Cranial osteopathy is a refined type of osteopathic treatment that encourages the release of tension and stress by aiding the body’s natural self-correcting mechanism.

During birth the skull naturally compresses and overlaps in order to cope with the powerful pressures undertaken during labour. Some of these compressions may not be relieved after birth, especially if the birth has been difficult.


A holistic full service offering ranging from Nutritionists, Herbalists and experts in Iridology. Our Naturopath solutions cover all of your baby’s dietary demands, enhancing their vital energy, metabolism, growth and adaptation, as well as their general health and wellbeing. For you the mother, whether you are battling with reflux or colic, or simply trying to increase your milk flow, our specialist herbalist can help by supplying you with all your natural herbal remedies.

  • Consultation, £100 for an hour inclusive of herbs

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Our Parenting Workshops have become an excellent alternative to standard, conventional pre natal classes. Meet with like minded people who are all preparing positively for parenting.